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        SweetPea3(TM) MP3 Player for Kids Starts Shipping

        時間:2021-03-04 15:40:47編輯:劉牛來源:曲譜自學網

          CALGARY, Alberta, Feb. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Peapod Toys Inc. is pleased to announce that it has begun shipping its award winning SweetPea3(TM) MP3 player for kids. This MP3 music player, which was awarded a 2007 Seal of Excellence by Creative Child magazine, is available to consumers directly from the Peapod Toys website () and through selected retailers in the US and Canada.

        The SweetPea3(TM) is a highly portable kid''s MP3 music player designed to be used by school age children, toddlers and even infants. "MP3 technology makes perfect sense in a child''s music player. With no moving parts, small parts or removable media, an extremely robust music player can be built and safely given to children of all ages, including kids under three", says Peapod Toys President Dan Lemay.

        Aside from the extreme robustness, what really sets this player apart from other MP3 players is its attention to function and style. "Every feature, and absence of feature, has been carefully designed with the child in mind", says Mr. Lemay. Child centered features include the integrated speaker, the simple three button operation, parental volume control, easy to carry size and shape and the absence of an ON/OFF switch or removable media.

        The SweetPea3(TM) boasts a great sense of style, appealing to stylish parents and children who seem to be naturally drawn to "real" electronic devices. The customer feedback indicates that this personal kid''s music player has become the constant companion of many children in their daily routine.

        The player ships with pre-installed children''s music and stories from award winning artists Susie Tallman and Jim Weiss.

        The SweetPea3(TM) will be shown at the 2008 Toy Fair in New York, booth #3171.

        Peapod Toys Inc. is an innovator in electronic toys and media for children. Located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, they are dedicated to providing parents with the tools and materials they need to immerse their children in the world of music and educational programming. Their first product, the SweetPea3(TM) MP3 player, is a unique blend of ruggedness, style, functionality and safety.

        For further information, contact: Dan Lemay (403) 287-3624 media@peapodtoys.com

        (for product images and specifications)

        Peapod Toys Inc. Suite 60, 4620 Manilla Road SE Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2G 4B7

        Source: Peapod Toys Inc.


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