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        Huaxia Foundation shines over Central with its love of our c

        時間:2021-03-05 03:57:31編輯:劉牛來源:曲譜自學網

          Celebrating the 30th anniversary of its founding, Hong Kong Huaxia Foundation last night held a charity reception at the Four Seasons Hotel on Hong Kong Island.  It was attended by over 100 personalities of various sectors, and its guests of honour included Tung Chee-hwa - Vice Chairman of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), Leung Chun-ying - Chief Executive of Hong Kong SAR, Lu Ping - former director of the State Council's Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office, Zhang Xiaoming - Director of the Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the Hong Kong SAR, Song Zhe - Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China in the Hong Kong SAR, and Wang Pei'an - Vice Minister in charge of the National Health and Family Planning Commission.

          Foundations set up by tycoons, their families and big institutions are not rare in Hong Kong.  In terms of financial strength, material resources and manpower, Huaxia Foundation can hardly be called a top-ranking one.  Nor is it the best known one.  According to data released at last night's reception, in past 30 years, Huaxia Foundation has donated more than 200 million yuan in total for education on the Mainland.  On average, its annual donation is several million yuan.  Compared to some one-off donations of over $100 million each today, some 200 million yuan in 30 years is really nothing.  But how could such a “commonplace” foundation as Huaxia have won full support of many political personalities such as Tung Chee-hwa, Leung Chun-ying, Lu Ping and Zhang Xiaoming?  There is something in it worthy of pondering, which also unveils a valuable and touching episode in history.  

          Huaxia Foundation's authoritativeness, importance and praiseworthiness  lie in that it is Hong Kong's first ever non-profit charity foundation dedicated to education on the Mainland.

          In China three decades ago, the “Cultural Revolution” was just put to an end and reform and opening up just  kicked off .  Many things that had been left undone were waiting to be done.  School education was the worst affected sector.  National leaders of course were aware of the importance of education, but what the government could spend on primary- and secondary-school basic education could barely meet the needs.  In some remote areas, students had to take classes in  run-down temples, telling time by watching the position of the sun.  They even didn't have a ball to play with.

          It was at that time that some observant and conscientious people in Hong Kong, including business people and professionals, raised several million dollars – some from their own purses and some raised from friends – to set up a foundation designated to provide financial support to schools in poor regions on the Mainland.  In addition to helping schools improve their facilities, the foundation also supported some outstanding students from poor families to continue their education.  In the past three decades, Huaxia Foundation has given support to 280 schools and some 3,000 students all over the 31 Mainland provinces and municipalities.

          Needless to say, after 30 years of development, our country's economic strength has grown much stronger, government expenditure on education has also increased tremendously, and donations from Hong Kong society - particularly after the territory's return to the Motherland - to the Mainland to serve different purposes have mushroomed.  However, “when you drink water, think of its source”.  Thirty years ago, Hong Kong was still under British colonial rule, while the Mainland had yet to become accustomed to accept donations from outside.  Huaxia Foundation acted as a pioneer, leading the way to help the Mainland with open and enthusiastic actions and calling on more others to join in the ranks.  One cannot help but feel deep veneration and sincere admiration for their courage, spirit and selfless commitment to the nation and people.

          Similarly, many personalities attended in person the celebratory reception last night, such as Mr. Tung, CE C.Y. Leung, Director Zhang and former director Lu Ping, not only to show their respect for the forerunners' sincere devotion to love of the nation and Hong Kong, but also to send a reminder to Hong Kong society: today, under the “one country two systems”, Hong Kong and the Mainland become even more closely linked and inseparable.  The well-quoted remark made by Mr. Tung Chee-hwa years ago, “a prosperous Hong Kong benefits our country; our country's prosperity benefits Hong Kong even more”, has become a manifest truth.  Today, our country has become the powerful backing for the Hong Kong SAR.  Hong Kong people must further sharpen their sense of being the master and throw themselves into our country's reconstruction.

          Right now, a small number of people are making use of various opportunities to advocate resisting against China and making trouble in Hong Kong.  They not only refuse to implement the 2017 election of the Chief Executive by universal suffrage step by step in accordance with the Basic Law, but want to launch so-called “civil disobedience” and “Occupy Central”.  Since it was set up 30 years ago, Huaxia Foundation always dedicates itself to the reconstruction of China out of its love of the country and of Hong Kong, and at the same time also promotes and safeguards Hong Kong's prosperity and stability.  Many members of Huaxia Foundation are working in Central.  Before Huaxia Foundation and all nation- and Hong Kong-loving organisations and personages, Benny Tai Yiu Ting and his ilk should feel ashamed.

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