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        Hunan Celebrates World Water Day 2015

        時間:2021-03-05 23:03:51編輯:劉牛來源:曲譜自學網

        Hunan Celebrates World Water Day 2015

        (Volunteers celebrate World Water Day 2015 by bike.)

            March 22, 2015 is the 23rd World Water Day, and March 22 to 28 is the 28th China Water Week. The Water Saving Office of Hunan Province initiated an activity to mark the two events on Orange Isle on March 22, calling for the preservation and safety of water. After the ceremony, more than 120 volunteers rode bikes and gave out water conservation brochures to tourists for free.

            Hunan Province has limited water resources but great potential for water saving. Zhan Xiaoan, director of the Department of Water Resources of Hunan Province, said that the state has been implementing the strictest water resources management system, stipulating a red line for Hunan: the total water consumption of the province shall be curbed to an annual rate within 36 billion cubic meters by 2030.

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