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          Mollie Price has become one of the youngest entrepreneursin the United Kingdom after the six-year-old girl launched her own chain of candy stores, the Shropshire Star reports.

          With a little help from her mother, Mollie recently opened her third sweet shop in Welshpool, Wales.

          “It might sound crazy but believe me Mollie is the real brains behind the operation. It was Mollie’s idea to set up the shop," the little girl's mother, Becky, told the Sun.

          Appropriately called "Mollie's," the candy store specializesin a variety of traditional British sweets and American candy. According to Price, every item in the store is first approved by her hardworking daughter.

          “She dictateswhat we sell and is up at 5am every Sunday ready to go to our wholesalesuppliers in Birmingham to restock," Price said. “Once there she very carefully chooses what we buy and what we should and should not stock. She really is very particular -- and it seems to work as we have been incrediblybusy since opening our latest store."

          Other than being a keen buyer, the elementaryschool student -- who the Sun has called the "next big business tycoon"-- has also come up with a number of clever business solutions to help boost profits.

          “She has some wonderful ideas. For instance, we have two large tin soldiers standing guard at the entrance to our Pride Hill shop which she insisted are called Alfie and George after her two brothers," Price told the Shropshire Star.

          “She also came up with the idea of a temperaturechart on the wall…so if it’s really cold we sell our Mr Whippy ice creams cheaper than when it’s hot outside. For someone so young I believe that really shows a marvellousbusiness brain.”

          According to the Daily Mail, Mollie has plans to expand her candy empire and will one day take over the reins from her mother.

          For the time being, however, the little girl will just have to be content with helping the stores improve and expand with her innovativeideas.

          “Children have the best ideas. I tell my mum what I think and she always says I have good ideas. It’s just that I know what other children like,” said the pint-sized entrepreneur.


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