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        高一英語復習資料:必修5 Unit 5 First aid 基礎練習試卷

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          Test Paper of Unit 5 First Aid (120 points)

          I. Multiple Choices(15 points)

          1. ---I’m sorry, I’m late.

          ---_______, we have a few minutes left.

          A. You don’t sorry B. Not sorry

          C. Never mind D. You shouldn’t sorry.

          2. It is well known that Thomas Edison _______ the electric lamp.

          A. invented B. discovered C. found D. developed

          3. Sugar is not an important element in bread, but flour is _______.

          A. unique B.essential C. natural D. adequate

          4.He is very good at carpentering, though _______.

          A. he was very young B. very young

          C. he very young D. is very young

          5. I will answer the teacher’s question when _______.

          A. I ask B. I will be asked C. asked D. I shall be asked

          6. Fruit juice can be harmful _______ children’s teeth.

          A. for B. toward C. with D. to

          7.My chest _____ when I take a deep breath, doctor.

          A. hurts B. wounds C.harms D. injure

          8.The foreign teacher Mr. Halt has a strange way of writing. Here’s a notice for him, but no clear_____ of what he has written can be made at all.

          A. explanation B. meaning

          C. sense D. idea

          9. The fellow felt rather ____ as he was the only person that wore sportswear at the party.

          A. in place B. out of place

          C. by the way D. in the way

          10. ______ on the snake led to his own death.

          A. The farmer’s taking pity

          B. The farmer taking

          C. The farmer took

          D. The farmer to take

          11. Not until all the fish die in the river ____ how serious the pollution was.

          A. did the villagers realize

          B. the villagers realized

          C. the villagers realized

          D. didn’t the villagers realize

          12. With the development of our country, more and more students ____ to university.

          A. admit to B. admitted to

          C. are admitted D. are admitted to

          13. --- Brad was Jane’s brother!

          --- _____ he reminded me so much of Jane!

          A. No doubt B. Above all

          C. No wonder D. Of course

          14. The flowers _____ sweet in the botanic garden attract the visitors to the beauty of nature.

          A. to smell B. smelling C. smelt D to be smelt

          15. New York, _____ last year, is a nice old city.

          A. that I visited B. which I visited

          C. where I visited D. in which I visited

          II. Closet test (30 points)


          In Mr. Allen’s school class, all the students have to “get married”. However, the wedding __16_ sometimes become so noisy that the loud laughter drowns out the __17_ of the “minister”. Even the two students getting married often begin to laugh.

          The teacher, Mr. Allen, believes that marriage is a difficult and serious business. He wants young people to understand that there are many changes that must take place after marriage. He believes that the __18_ for these psychological and financial changes should be understood before people marry.

          Mr. Allen doesn’t only introduce his students to main problems faced in marriage such as illness or being out of work. He also _19 _ them to the difficult and particular problems they will face every day. He wants to introduce young people to all the worries that can bring the __20 point to a marriage. He even makes his students know the problems of _ 21___ and the fact that divorced men must pay child support money for their children and sometimes pay their wives every month.

          It has been unsettling for some of the students to see the problems that a ___22__ couple often faces. ___23___ they took the course, they had not worried much about the problems of marriage. However, both students and parents feel that Mr. Allen’s course is ___24___ and have favored the course publicly. Their statements and letters supporting the class have asked the school to ___25____ the course again.

          16. A. conferences B. competitions C. celebrations D. ceremonies

          17. A. whisper B. announcement C. scream D. voice

          18.A. possibility B. responsibility C. need D. supply

          19.A. exposes B. explains C. extends D. exhausts

          20.A. uniting B. burning C. breaking D. freezing

          21.A. wedding B. division C. participation D. divorce

          22.A. divorced B. complained C. fascinated D. married

          23.A. If B. After C. Until D. Because

          24.A. disagreeable B. flexible C. valuable D. unbelievable

          25.A. afford B. offer C. establish D. affect


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