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        It’s never too late seek love: a model of care for the aged

        時間:2021-03-12 12:40:21編輯:劉牛來源:曲譜自學網

          The elders living by the Grand Canal might be the happiest group to know that the canal was enlisted as a world heritage. Not everyone would have such an opportunity to take care of themselves on the edge of a thousand years "legacy" in the world. It must be a great joy. What’s more, the efforts made on caring for the aged and the numerous achievements obtained by the local government in recent years is even more exciting for them. For the past few years there have been 92 home-care community stations, 11 centralized nursing homes, 58 home-care centers and 60 aged canteens established, and more elders were so glad of finding themselves a slot at the “houses for the aged”, in which they would be greeted and cared for. They even know that, as Gongshu has done such an good job in caring for the aged, many people from elsewhere are fleeting to the district to learn its practice.

        It’s never too late seek love: a model of care for the aged

        A new way out for the aged

          The full name of this "publicly-owned yet privately-run house" is Hangzhou Hemu Elder’s Apartment. As the second institution of its kind in the whole province, the apartment is the first one that have succeeded. Into the apartment, the lobby, corridors and rooms are packed with the smiling staff, and it looks like a starred hotel with gardens. Only the sighting of people with white hair sitting outside, playing chess or walking with the assistance of a staff will you suddenly realize that it is the elder’s apartment. In fact, this apartment was the second phase of the district’s elder apartments project, which was listed in the top 10 livelihood projects announced by the government, and also a testing plots to try out the cause of taking care of the aged in the support of social forces.   

        It’s never too late seek love: a model of care for the aged

          A home care creates pleasant environment

          By walking on the streets of Gongshu you will find some great changes. Known as a shabby area in the past, Gongshu has now turned into a place filled with modern buildings and preserved traditional alleys adorned with black tiles and white walls. Along with the beautiful canal, Gongshu is considered the Garden of Eden for the elders. It is based on the confidence of excellent environment and the proposals of caring for the aged in multiple measures, the home-based care has been developing quickly to shoulder the most responsibility of the cause.

          The 60 centers to take care of the aged have accommodated a large number of elders every day for rest, entertainment and talk. The government also explored the feasibility of "letting the center run by social professionals while under the supervision of communities ", which integrates governmental security, community health-care, staff expertise and business services together, and establishes a comprehensive service system partially financed by the government, run by professional agencies and paid by individuals. The attempts aimed to secure people’s benefits have soon drawn nationwide attention.

        It’s never too late seek love: a model of care for the aged

          Smart care to make good future

          Gongshu made a quick reaction to the municipal government’s strategic decision to develop information and smart economy and to create a smart city this year, and began to give priority to the smartness of the care for the aged. All eligible elders have or will acquire a mobile phone for free, who can use it to make emergency calls and ask for daily services. They might even have a chat with the staff through the phone.




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