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        錛侷 love this city of civilization''

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          Outsiders and foreigners talk about Jinjiang "deep experience"

        錛侷 love this city of civilization''

        Jinjiang has a picturesque view.

          Enters into Jinjiang, knows Jinjiang, and falls in love with Jinjiang. In recent years, with the rapid change of Jinjiang city, more and more outsiders and foreigners have been attracted to it, and they work hard and settle down. In recent days, the reporter interviewed a number of outsiders and foreigners, to use their eyes to see the civilized Jinjiang's upward force and increasingly glorious.

        錛侷 love this city of civilization''

        The supervisor of traffic safety implements volunteer work in the street.

        錛侷 love this city of civilization''

        Charity sale.

        錛侷 love this city of civilization''

        The volunteer serves customer a bowl of tea.

          In the interview, Zaiqiu Qiu, a south Korean who lived in Jinjiang for six years, shared a warm heart thing. Two years ago, he accidentally lost his wallet. Two days later, he received a call from a girl who had found his wallet and returned it to him. "There was only one ticket in my wallet that I paid for my Korean friend's phone bill. She called the phone and sent it back to me." The enthusiasm and friendliness of the Jinjiang people make Zaiqiu Qiu who has stayed in Harbin, Yantai, Dongguan and other places have a very good impression for Jinjiang. Last year, he was invited by his friends and participated in the Jinjiang international marathon. "In recent years, Jinjiang has developed rapidly and there are more and more international activities here. I like to stay in Jinjiang."

          "You have to write the words of 'I love China' in the report." The Philippine Chinese Diel who is of Jinjiang descent said. During the four years working and living in Jinjiang, Diel became more and more satisfied with this comfortable and civilized city.

          When he first arrived in Jinjiang, Diel was not used to the buses in Jinjiang. "people speak loudly and the car is not very sanitary." Diel is happy to count the changes in Jinjiang. Now, the cars are new, the sanitation becomes good, and the uncivilized phenomenon like the passengers spitting up disappears. Diel was also struck by changes in the hospital. In the past, he saw some doctors wearing shorts and slippers in the summer, and smoking in the hospital was very common. He was afraid to go to the hospital and felt that it was not clean enough. "Now, these phenomena have improved a lot, and the hospital's environmental hygiene has improved a lot." This gave him a great deal of confidence in the medical level of Jinjiang. "Last time I was injured, I went to Jinjiang hospital. They knew I was teaching English and invited me to train doctors and nurses to prepare for the Gymnasiade of Jinjiang in 2020." Diel said he had studied medical care, understood professional medical English and planned to start training in the summer.

          Every week, Diel may associate with cafe to hold the Free English corner, prior to that, he also used to follow Jinjiang warm-hearted people going to special education school, "I hope to bring more people in need of English." Diel is contributing to the civilization and development of Jinjiang city in his own way.

          In 2003, Kun Wang came to Jinjiang from Jiangsu Province. At that time, only the Tangan street and Xinhua street were prosperous in Jinjiang, most of Meiling is wasteland, the roadsides are usually farmlands. For more than a decade, he has seen the skyscrapers springing up in Jinjiang, transport facilities are well-connected and the city has a new look. Speaking of the progress of urban civilization, Kun Wang felt that the popularization of mandarin deeply touched him. Kun Wang says, when he's just arrived in Jinjiang, walking in the street, almost all people just communicated with Southern Fujian Dialect, when hearing he speaking mandarin, they knew he is an outsider, it was difficult for language communication and integrating, "Now, in most cases people communicate with mandarin, this became a symbol of civilization of Jinjiang ."

          Wei Zhu, a Shanghai native who works in a hotel in Jinjiang, has found that life in Jinjiang is getting better and better. In 2014, Wei Zhu followed his beloved girl to Jinjiang, and they bought a house and a home here. "The city of Jinjiang is loose, livable and the housing price is affordable. It is a city with a strong sense of well-being." Wei Zhu said that with the improvement of urban infrastructure in recent years, he prefers the comfort of Jinjiang life. After the north section of Yingbin road was put in service last year, he saves half of working hours, just more than half an hour back and forth, and it's very convenient, "I live near Baxian mountain, I often take children to the parent-child garden and walk wooden footway inside of it at weekends, life is very convenient."

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