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        Click Stock Picks', Investing Systems Network Stock Picking

        時間:2021-03-22 19:49:58編輯:劉牛來源:曲譜自學網

          AMELIA ISLAND, Fla., June 30 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Investing Systems announced the results from Friday's scan of the market for the Stock Picker RT software.

        "The markets have been all over the map," said William McKinley, President of Investing Systems. "Volatility like this often leads to some really spectacular gains. Friday's biggest gainer was up more than 27% in just one session."

        The momentum scan that powers the Stock Picker RT produces a short list of stocks to watch every trading day as the market opens. The picks are based on growth and momentum as identified by technical and fundamental criteria.

        "There were lots of big winners today," McKinley said. "Our software has picked some really incredible winners lately, even as the markets have pulled back a bit."

        The Stock Picker RT, which is delivered on CD-ROM will scan the market with a single click or can be set to scan automatically at intervals throughout the trading day.

        The latest version of the Stock Picker RT is self-updating so users will never have to manually upgrade and all market data is included in the price.

        Investing Systems Inc. manages a network of financial websites focused on the benefits of disciplined systematic investing.

        Customers in more than 70 countries use Investing Systems products and services to become better, more disciplined investors.

        "We like this software because it's so easy to use," McKinley said. "Our customers say that picking winners in the stock market is as easy as point and click."

        For additional information about the Stock Picker RT software visit:

        Source: Investing Systems Inc.




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